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Welcome to the weekly #writephoto prompt!

A folly is a building usually constructed strictly for aesthetic pleasure. I think this one is a little gem, what do you think? 

The Folly
The Folly – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows an almost symmetrical brick folly with gothic style arched doorways at either side.


I first came across this word when as a young girl I read “Dead man’s folly” by Agatha Christie. I didn’t know what a folly was!


It was midnight and Jackie couldn’t sleep. It was always the case when she was in a new place and for the first few nights, sleeping well was a struggle.

She and Rob had decided to shift to this old place left to her when her aged aunt passed away. The house was old but modernized with indoor plumbing, central heating, and a modern kitchen. The grounds were vast and included a folly. Coming from America, she wasn’t very familiar with this idea but was taken with the quaint structure.

She decided to walk in the moonlit garden to tire herself so that she may fall asleep. As she strolled in the lawns she detected light in the folly. She approached it cautiously and quietly. What she saw there was astounding.

Two ghostly figures were there having an animated conversation. A man, and a woman. The woman looked like her deceased aunt and the man was undoubtedly her father!

The two ghosts paused as they felt her presence, and greeted her with joy. Jackie didn’t believed in ghosts but seeing the evidence before her eyes she couldn’t dispute their existence. She didn’t feel any fear or awkwardness in their presence as they were family after all, albeit deceased.

After a couple of hours of talking with them, she returned to her bed and slept soundly. Next morning, she didn’t remember anything except as a dream.

Maybe it was a dream after all!




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