Reena’s Xploration Challenge- Deja vu!

Reena is the host of RXC


Here is a piece of dialogue.

“You came back.”

“But we are meeting for the first time.”

It is not necessary that you use the lines in your piece, though you are free to do so.

Imagine the situation and write a piece based on it.

That’s it.


Recurring dreams of
Meeting her again one day
Looking everywhere in vain
Feeling disappointed

There’s an image in his mind
And any girl he meets has to fit
For him it’s like he has lost
One half of his soul, that he seeks

Finally he saw her one day
Excited he went up to her
So you came back he blurts
Excuse me! Who are you? she said

The moral is clear in this tale
You are looking for your dream
But that person may be dreaming
Of someone else entirely!


The last lines are inspired by lines from a famous Urdu gazal,

Main khwab hoon kisi aur ka 

Mujhe dektha koi aur hai”



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