What does a being prompt host entails?

I have been hosting What Do You See Prompt for almost 2 years now. In addition to it, for the last 40 odd weeks, I ask a question every Sunday, the Sunday Poser.

Since the day I started my prompt, I’ve made it my policy to visit all the posts that are written in response to that prompt.

In the beginning, I used to reblog all the responses but I found it hard to keep up with it and besides people over here weren’t happy with me flooding their readers with so many posts.

I feel that since people are writing /posting in response to my prompts, it is just common courtesy to visit these posts, provided that they have linked it back to my post. Specially if I ask a question, I like to read the replies from my readers!

Some hosts just give daily or weekly prompts but seldom visit the responses.

The purpose of this post is to ask you, if you write in response to prompts, that does it make any difference to you if the host reads and responds to you posts or not?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Thanks for visiting and reading!



68 thoughts on “What does a being prompt host entails?

  1. I have never hosted a challenge mainly because I might not like what others are posting on my blog, since I try to keep it family friendly; I notice when I read some, not many but there are a few that don’t care about their language or standards. I enjoy participating in the challenges and wish I could do them all, I usually post them and forget them, meaning I don’t take them personally if they are read by the author or not.

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  2. If someone participates in my 3TC, Take Seven or Fibbing Friday challenges, I read every one of those pingbacks, even if I don’t follow the person concerned. I feel it is only polite to do so as they have taken the time to take part and I appreciate it.

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  3. Ultimately it’s up to the host, but when I ran prompts I always checked out each and every responses as I felt it was common courtesy. I then found my blogging world expanding as I discovered so many great bloggers.

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  4. I host a daily prompt and a handful of weekly prompts and I try to visit every single post that is written in response to my prompts. I feel that if someone has put in the time and made the effort to respond to my prompts, reading those responses is the least that I can do. I also respond to a number of other bloggers’ prompts and it seems that some of the hosts do read and acknowledge my responses, but not all of the hosts. That doesn’t really bother me. I appreciate their prompts, which inspire me, but whether or not they read, like, or comment on my responses is up to to them.

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  5. I usually don’t take part in prompts. Sometimes I will, and it is nice to hear back from the host, but it’s okay if they don’t respond. I do like your Sunday Poser and often respond with a comment to you.

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  6. Oh, yes, Sadje, I think so. It is so meaningful when the host visits the site of the prompt responder and comments, if possible. I remember when I first started following your blog, I didn’t even know how to do a prompt, and you were so kind. When I “submitted” my first response to one of your prompts, it was completely unintentional, and you still visited and commented, and it made my day. And, then I learned through that interaction how to actually do a prompt response. And, well, it’s been that way for over a year now. Is awesome.

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  7. I have been hosting 6WSP for a while now. I try to visit all posts and do a weekly Roundup but as a full-time working professional, there are times when I feel myself being stretched for time and I am unable to do a roundup. It’s common courtesy to read and reply to the responses. I still try my best to catch up on reading the posts that I had missed out unless I’m on a long hiatus. But I have come across hosts who rarely respond to our pingbacks.

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    1. So true Shweta. It is encouraging if the host drops in and comments. Your prompt generates huge number of responses and I think since you have a full time job, it’s okay if you can’t visit all of them. In fact I admire the time you can give to your blog! 👏🏽💖

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      1. Indeed. I knew the responsibility that I was taking on and it never seemed right to not do the Roundup posts. I manage my time the best I can do to help free up my schedule for blogging. My husband is also very supportive and he’s the reason why I can keep doing it. That’s so sweet of you, my friend. Thank you

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  8. I agree with most bloggers here. Personally, I feel very happy when challenge hosts drop by and leave an encouraging comment or say they liked your entry. But even if they don’t, it’s OK!

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  9. I started a prompt site called Carry On Tuesday back in 2009 and ran it for four years. I offered up a short quote, a song title or a saying that had to be used in a story or poem. Alongside it, I had a separate blog called Carry On Tuesday Plus where I gave a lot of background information about the prompt. It all got too big to handle! Like you, I responded to all the contributions and it took up a huge amount of time so I reluctantly gave it up.

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  10. First of all thanks for hosting your prompts. Personally it has helped me in my writing. Seeing what I write and what others write about a prompt gives a lot of insight. And yes your comments give that added boost to the confidence which a creative writer I feel, needs a lot.

    Thanks again and keep up your good work.

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