Today is moving day…… again

As I have hinted in a few of my previous posts, I am moving to another city.

I’m sorry that I haven’t been very active on WP for past one week or so. Going back and forth to get a house leased in another city and doing the legal work has kept me busy.

I will try to be here as much as I can but you all know that it is a big undertaking. Luckily we aren’t moving far, just a few hours north. But packing up our stuff and relocating would take up a lot of my time.

Hope to see you all on the other side!



88 thoughts on “Today is moving day…… again

  1. You are quite the secretive one. I remember reading about the move and here it is.

    I hope you find happiness and joy in your new home. I hope it meets and exceeds your expectations for the next phase of your journey around the sun. Blessing on the new experience.

    PS – By the way. I think I have it all figured out. You are one who enjoys your privacy and keeps a lid on the small things going on. Therefore: I believe you are an international spy and you are relocating because some blogger found out about your true identity and you need to stay anonymous. LOL

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    1. Hahaha! I really enjoyed your detection Lauren. The reality is that my daughter got a very good job offer in another city and since she is a single mom with an 11 year old, and this is not America, I have moved with her to help her settle down. I don’t know till when she will need me as the covid situation is very uncertain. Thanks for your kind wishes my dear friend

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