Blogging Insights- New Format # 9

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“Writing did not save my life, but it has continued to do what it always has done. It makes my life a brighter and more pleasant place.”
Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft


I do agree with this quote but with a proviso, sometimes writing does save lives as well.

When I talk about writing, I am talking about writing for my blog as I’m not a writer in the traditional sense. It is this writing that brings joy and light into my life. It also connects me to people from all over the world. This connection is of friendship which also educates us about each other.

Blogging/ writing out what is in our hearts also works as therapy. It gives us a platform to share our experiences. Many people share some dark and upsetting life situations. Writing these experiences serves a twofold purpose. On one hand, they vent out their frustrations and feel lighter for it, and on the other hand, this sharing makes them and others realize that they aren’t alone in feeling the way they feel. This can be a life-saving or at least a sanity-saving experience.

Creating something out of nothing is like giving birth. A process filled with wonder and joy. Writing is such a beautiful creative process that helps both the writer and the reader.

As usual, many thanks to Dr Tanya for continuing this discussion.

These are my thoughts on today’s quote. What are yours?




38 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- New Format # 9

  1. I read the book on writing by Stephen King a couple of years ago. It is a good read. I agree with you, Sadje. Writing is a release, is a way to connect, and can for surely change lives, even save them. The spoken word, like the written word, has been creating and effecting change, like a catalyst for the activities that follow, through all of history. A great post, my friend.

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  2. As you pointed out, blogging serves its own purposes, Sadje. It is a different genre than fiction or non-fiction writing, though it’s both. Like, you, I think of myself more of a blogging writer than any other.

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