Throwback Thursday- Games

Maggie is co-hosting this challenge with Lauren

Welcome back to Throwback Thursday Memory BlogHop where we take on a nostalgic object, event, or memory and blog about it. Lauren was steering the ship last week and I get to take a shot at the helm again today. This week I chose The Games People Play


When I was a child, we preferred to play outside. Sun or rain, hot or cold, we would be outside, playing hockey, cricket, football ( European variety) or cycling. In those days people didn’t need to worry about kids playing outside because there weren’t any threats to our safety. Besides we were three siblings so there was safety in numbers.

When my grandparents used to visit us we would flock around my grandfather who loved to interact with us. He taught us to play card games like dummy, bridge, and patience. He also taught us to play chess and was willing to play with us though we were so inexpert at it. Only my younger brother would give him a reasonable game.

After marriage, I discovered that I loved playing scrabble with my husband. The one who won the game would treat the other to a meal. When we had kids and they grew up to be able to participate in the game, they would team up with either parent and help them. It was so much fun.

And then kids discovered video games and computer games and they also grew up. I used to play card games on my Pc when I got a chance but I found that I have a tendency to get addicted to games so I gradually weaned myself off them.

When I got my first smartphone, I started playing different games on it. I still play card games and sudoku on my phone but for a limited time.

My new addiction is blogging.




39 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday- Games

  1. Aww beautiful throwback Sadje. We love playing games in our household and have a cupboard full of them. We’ve just taught my little one find the squirrel which is exactly like pop up pirate but with a squirrel, he loves it and it’s nice to have that family time, dreading the day he’s too old for playing games. KL ❤️

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    1. Thanks KL! Kids grow up too fast and then want PlayStation or x-box to play computer/ video game on. It’s great that you guys are having quality time with the kids.


  2. We spent most of our time outside, too. Our imaginations ran rampant and we loved the freedom we had. I’m so glad you joined in on the challenge this week, Sadje. It’s always fun to read other people’s experiences.

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  3. Thanks for joining in. I loved your answers. You are correct, things are different now. I made a rule for myself (pre-pandemic) that any time a grand wanted to play a game I would say yes. I knew and know all to well, that the time will come when they don’t want to play. Screens have already taken over too much.

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  4. So nice to remember back to those days when we spent hours outside with other kids using our imagination for fun and games. Lots of active games as there wasn’t much on TV as we only got like three channels, and of course no smart phones or video games back then. 🙂

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  5. I used to play a lot of games growing up. My parents would often have visitors over on the weekends and we would all gather around the table and play cards… usually Shanghai Rummy. I still play it to this day when enough of us are together.

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