Writer’s Quotes Wednesday’s Writer’s Challenge- Work

Yvette is our host for WQWWC this week

The Always Write quote challenge has the theme of WORK this week and Priorhouse Blog is hosting.


What makes life worthwhile is what you achieve 

But never be fooled by the notion that life’s worth can be measured

By material gains or worldly standards alone

The value of a life lived with good work ethics

Is enhanced when you believe what you do matters

When each hour you spend working is seeped

In convection that hard work, sweat, and blood you pour in it

Is a reward in itself, and not the money and fame you earn from it




32 thoughts on “Writer’s Quotes Wednesday’s Writer’s Challenge- Work

  1. There are many who seek fame with their fortune. I enjoy the quote and what you wrote. When I watch my grands enjoying a book – I think that is one of the seeds I planted. The enjoyment of learning. 😀

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  2. Oooohh Great quotes. I love when I find new ones I hadn’t seen in my search. and then it’s fun to see that sometimes several of us find the same quotes.

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