What do you see # 97 -A Roundup


Closing your eyes to the injustice and misery around you

Refusing to listen to the criticism leveled at your conduct

Refusing to speak against the repression that needs your voice

How can you live with your conscience like this?

When you fail to be the voice of the righteous

The vision of those who improve the society

Or the ears which listen and correct the flaws within?


My heartfelt gratitude to all of the wonderful bloggers who have participated this week. Please click on the links to read their contributions.

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I am grateful to everyone who read, commented and shared these posts. Your support is much appreciated.

The next week’s challenge will be posted at 12:00 pm PTK on Monday.




35 thoughts on “What do you see # 97 -A Roundup

  1. I’m currently reading some mysteries centered in the Victorian age. There were so many double standards by class definitions. I know my country isn’t the only one to have such disparity. We must all work together to help those in need.

    Our family has always been involved with volunteering. Mostly firefighting and training to deal with hazardous materials. I commend all those who continue to help the homeless, those who adopt children, and those who help with animals too.

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