Weekly Prompts – Colour Challenge BLUE

Sue W and GC are the hosts of Weekly Prompts

“The colour blue is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of delight. ~ John Ruskin.

Colour Challenge Blue

This weekend is our monthly Colour Challenge and for September partner GC and I have chosen the colour BLUE.

How you choose to translate the challenge is entirely up to you  – Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme. 

Please tag Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge.


Why do they associate blue with sadness

Blue is the color of calm, it is the aura of peace

For me blue represents the magic of flowing water

The sereneness of the summer sky, the calm of the sea

Why do they associate blue color with despondency

It is the color when the sun sets over the horizon

And night has not yes fully claimed the sky

It’s the color of your eyes in the depth of which

I find my solace, my peace my hearts desires

I love the color blue, the radiant shine of precious diamonds




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