Sunday Poser # 44

Welcome to week 44 of Sunday Poser

I have been busy with a project in real life that may result in me relocating to another city. That’s why I haven’t been able to comment much on your posts. That brings me to my question this week;

How much time do you spend on responding to comments?

I usually read the posts of those I follow when I get to my blog in the morning. My comments are usually short but I read the whole of the post before commenting. Some bloggers leave lengthy comments and observations on the posts from other bloggers. I always admire that and wish I had so much time to do that too.

But perhaps the reason I don’t do that is that I follow a lot of blogs.

So do you leave short comments on the blogs that you visit or thoughtful, long comments?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this post.

Thanks for visiting and reading.



140 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 44

  1. I read those I follow and leave short comments. I too admire, those who leave long comments sharing insights and experiences.
    Recently I am trying to leave a bit longer comment by replacing my emojis use with more expressive wording.

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  2. Sadje, I read an entire post but do not always comment on every post I read. I, too, follow a lot of blogs and time simply does not allow for commenting on every one. I tend to comment when I can relate to what was written, or if questions are asked, or if I feel someone needs support or an extra shot of kindness. I try my best to respond to every comment left on my own blog. If someone has taken the time to read my post and comment on it, I think they deserve a response or acknowledgement from me. To me, this is why blogging means so much – it is the interaction. As far as the length of my comments – that depends totally on the content of the post. Like Di, I do respond to everyone that participates in any challenges or prompts I post. Great questions.

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    1. Thanks Maggie! You’re right that it’s not always possible to post long comments on every post we read. I specially find it hard to comment suitably to some poems, other that praising them.

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  3. I read all those I follow. However I leave brief comments, often times others have already expressed what I would have said. Sometimes I just plainly don’t have the words to express what the poem makes me feel, so it just becomes a 💙.

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  4. I follow a lot of blogs too but don’t read every post of every blog I follow. Then when I do read a blog post but have nothing to say, I usually just click the “Like” button on their blog post. I do appreciate short comments too, but when they’re super generic like “Great post” (not saying you do that), I usually don’t feel the need to respond and might even delete them thinking they’re spam if they’re not from a blogger I know.

    As for my own commenting habits, I do try to leave slightly longer comments, as I’ve heard comments that are under eight words in length are bad for your Google page ranking.

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    1. I never knew that the length of a comment can adversely effect the Google page ratings. I know that generic comments can be constituted as spam but sometimes it’s the only thing one can say.

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    1. This is a very logical thing to do Winnie. I feel the same way. And there are a few bloggers who don’t respond to comments made on their posts, and so I feel it’s a waste of time to do so again. Thanks a lot Winnie

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      1. So very true! But a friend here a while ago told me she left many comments on my posts lately but I have not seen them. She suspects they went to the SPAM folder. That could be the reason for others who don’t reply? My pleasure, dear.

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        1. Yes, I thought that too. And there’s no way to let them know as new comments would go to spam too. I check my spam folder almost daily so that no legitimate comments get deleted.


  5. I leave a lot of likes only without comments, but my likes are meaningful. I don’t “like” posts that I haven’t read or actually disagree with. Mostly I do like the writings of the bloggers I follow else I wouldn’t be following them! I take quick look-sees throughout the day so I don’t end up with a huge pile of unread posts. When that does occasionally happen, I probably will skip a bunch. I comment what I think, sometimes short or just an emoji, and other times detailed. I try to like all comments to my posts and reply to most of them…

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    1. You’ve got a good system going Paula. The likes should matter as it is a sign that we’ve read the post but unfortunately this feature is abused very frequently and someone can like 20 posts in 30 seconds! Both the reading and commenting take time. I also leave short comments when I’m short on time. Thanks for sharing

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  6. It varies every day. It really depends on the content I’ve shared whether it’s well-received or not but I will take as much time to answer as it takes to respond to each comment. I enjoy the back and forth!

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  7. Ah, this is a good question, Sadje. It depends on the content, and also on the blogger I am following. I do think that whether a comment is short or long, it can also be thoughtful. It is the meaning conveyed, to me, anyway, that matters most, not the length.💙

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    1. As you say, it’s all about time management. It’s good to be aware of how much time we spend writing and publishing vs. commenting, creating new ideas and images vs. responding to others. Our creative and communal selves both need nurturing.

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  8. Honestly with my short comments, it’s normally because people seem to have such a dislike of constant “likers”. So I always feel like I have to say something, lol. Even if there’s no need and everybody else has said it, lol.

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  9. It usually takes me one to two hours to read the blogs I follow and I try to comment on all of them. I think it’s important to let the blogger know that you appreciate the effort they’ve gone to ☺️

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  10. Interesting thought! My comments typically tend to be long. I type extremely fast and I’m also quite jobless now, since I’m in the transition between school and college, just done with entrance exams. 😅 Once life resumes, that may no longer be possible.
    But reading lengthy comments is always a delight 😍 Crisp comments have their own charm too. They convey a lot of thought in fewer words. ☺️

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  11. Reading and commenting on blog posts take time and effort. I tend to leave short comments on blogging anniversary posts, personal or professional special moments. My comments are a bit longer if it’s a topic of interest. I take time to formulate my thoughts with sentences, and from time to time, I’ll use Emojis. When someone comments on my blog posts, I cater to their comments by replying. Other than that, nice post!

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  12. I used to leave short comments.
    I read many blog posts where they say, they love lengthy, more insightful comments. I am not very good at lengthy comments, but I am trying 🙂
    I also love to add emojis. I feel like they look more friendly and personal.

    When I don’t get many words to write or the post is short, or only one photograph I also leave some short comments to show my interest.

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  13. Thanks for this. I’m brand new to blogging, and I suppose I’m a little hungry for attention. Your post encourages me to do the social part of blogging with full attention and consciousness. To do it the right way. Thanks so much for the reminder and encouragement. It came at just the right time for me!

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  14. It’s my first time downloading bloggers app, And i want to start my own too^^ But I don’t really know how to start do you have any blogs that are connected to blogging? I really want to know more.

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  15. There are a lot of factors involved… if the subject of the post is something very dear to me I will write more. If there are questions asked of the reader I will write more. But if I am running short on time the comments tend to be shorter. And it also depends on the blogger… if they tend to not respond or respond with few words I don’t tend to write as much.

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