5 Things for Tuesday- Apples

Tanya is the host of 5 Things

5 Things Tuesday — 5 Ways You Enjoy Apples

Apples, fresh and in their natural form;

Nothing better than biting into a juicy fresh apple. I like apples that are neither too hard or too soft.

Apple pie, homemade;

This was the first type of pie I learned to make. Everyone liked apple pie in my family so I kept on experimenting and improving on my skill. I have even taught a couple of my friends how to make it.

Apple crumble;

Though this dessert is quite easy to make, I have not made it myself. But I love eating warm apple crumble with vanilla ice cream.

Apple and pineapple salad with chicken;

This is a commonly served salad at most buffet lunches and hi-teas. It’s easy to make and quiet nourishing too.

Apple jam;

It was a routine in my grandmother’s household that when we had a surplus of any fruit, we would turn it into a jam or a jelly. Apple jam is easy to make and is a family favorite.




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