Tale Weaver- Sound of silence

Stephanie Colpron is the host of Tale Weaver

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lose one of your senses? Or have you even experienced it? 

Today I invite you to write a tale from the perspective of someone who has lost the sense of hearing. All they hear now is “the sound of silence” if you will.


The hearing loss was gradual, not sudden. At first, she found peace when it all went silent. When the high-pitched tinnitus gave way to a peaceful silence, she was at ease.

But this relief was short-lived. She felt that she was excluded from all the family business because she couldn’t hear or understand what they were discussing.

Her friends also took a step back because they felt inadequate and embarrassed, dealing with her. But Carolyn was made of resilient stuff. At the age of 55 she started learning sign language and soon mastered it.

Now though her world was silent, she still could communicate with her loved ones. It dawned on her that if life closed one door, it opened another.




59 thoughts on “Tale Weaver- Sound of silence

          1. alphabet is very easy, I used to play scrabble with an elderly deaf, dumb and blind man … imagine his memory to visualise the whole board!

            Auslan is much more expressive it’s use of entire body and face, a sort of shorthand … try this to see what I mean

            I have a few favourite translators as most events, announcements have Auslan translators 🙂

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  1. So wonderfully positive, Sadje. I have a lot of trouble hearing if there is any background noise, like water running from a tap, for instance. I am always asking people to repeat themselves at such times. I lost a percentage of hearing in one ear due to ear infections as a child. This struck home for me. 🙂

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