Crimson Creative Challenge- Look at me

Crispina is the host of Crimson Creative Challenge


Are you looking at me, admiring me?

I am a beautiful horse, a purebred. My line goes back generations. You can trace my heredity back to 100 years.

But I am lonely here. I seek company and companionship. My owner thinks that I should only associate with purebreds like myself, and he doesn’t let me mingle with the ordinary horses. So I am by myself here!

Are you looking at me with pity or admiration?




25 thoughts on “Crimson Creative Challenge- Look at me

  1. I thought the horse looked very sad and lonely. Indeed, in a field with other horses, only this one came to the gate, pleading eyes turned on us. It’s one of many rescued horses that the rescue charity put to graze on the sweet grass of our marshes. I think it misses the human touch

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