Sunday Poser # 43

Welcome to week 43 of Sunday Poser

Summer is almost over. Autumn is in the air and in few weeks we will feel the chill of autumn nights.

So my question this week is;

What is your favorite thing about summer?

Personally, I am not a big fan of summer weather. The reason is that in my country, it gets very hot in the months of May and June, and when monsoon starts in mid July, it gets very humid and muggy as well.

But having said that, there still stress things I like about summer;

Mangoes 🥭

I love the sweet, tangy taste of mangoes, especially in a fruit salad. By themself, they are too sweet for my palate but mixed with apples, peaches, and guavas they make the perfect fruit bowl.

Cool airy summer clothes;

Since it’s very hot here in summer, we have different wardrobes for summer and winter. Our summer clothes are lightweight cotton and stitched loosely to compensate for the hot weather.

Sitting and sleeping in an air conditioned room

Using air conditioning in summer is a must in my city. It is expensive to run air conditioners all day so we use them sparingly but at nighttime, it’s essential to have it on. The cool air makes sleeping a bliss in summers.

Longer days.

As compared to winters the days are longer and one can get a lot accomplished during summer days.


These are my favorite things about summer. What are yours?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Thanks for visiting and reading.



34 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 43

  1. My favorite is getting outside planting flowers and watching them grow. Walking in the warmth of the day, enjoying a summer shower. Dressing lighter, omitting heavy coats and boots. Not getting stuck in the snow and ice.
    Everything just seems easier to live in my opinion.

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  2. Mmmm. I like all of your reasons, Sadje. I too enjoy the longer days. Because it rains so much here, I also enjoy the sun in the summer. Fresh fruit, especially melons; and lastly the ability to get out into nature more often!

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  3. I like seeing the trees and flowers, hearing the birds chatter, the hummingbirds at the feeder, and seeing the squirrels running. Not too fond of the heat and humidity but it is only for a few weeks.

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  4. I adore summer. I’m never happier than when we have a week over 40 degrees centigrade. I’m looking forward to thing heating up in the next few weeks 😃

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  5. Hey! I don’t like Summer so much, just as you said, because it’s always hot here in Egypt.
    Second thing I like mango’s or…. I ADORE them!! I was so surprised when I read this post!
    Another thing I like is swimming in summer, and having vacations.
    I live in Egypt and here it is sooo hot that we HAVE to use air conditions the whole day long (and in the night) Even now it is still 38-43 degrees 😰😰

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    1. Yes, Egypt is even hotter than Pakistan. It has less greenery and lots more deserts so it’s no wonder that you need to run the air conditioner all through the day. Thanks Esther.

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