What do you see # 95 – A Roundup


This week, the responses are amazing. They cover so many different interpretations of this image that I am left wondering what should I write about!

I rise my weapon

It’s not a sword but a pen

My ammunition are words not bullets

I am an adventurer, but I don’t roam the seven seas

I visit places in my imagination and collect treasures

I write them down as stories, and hope that

One day someone will find this treasure and be entertained


Many thanks to all these wonderful friends who have participated this week. Please click on the links to read their contributions

Diana; What do you see # 95

Reena; Roots of imagination

Michnavs; Papa tell me you’re happy somewhere

Chris Hall; Treasure island

Di; A matter of life and death

Mason; Storymaker

Ramya; Creative imagination

Radhika; Uncluttered intelligence

Maria; Sadje’s What do you see

Sangeetha; Adrift

Jules; Unable to book it

Jen; Empty pages

Melanie; WDYS # 95- 8.16.21

Jim; Women and booze

Eugenia; Calling the shots

Sidney Aspen Writer; Nighttime adventure

Jude; Know thy treasure

Suzette; A book – An ode

Dee Min; Real pirates of the Caribbean

Anisha; Sleep Utopia

Books and Bonsai; What do you see # 95

Fandango; The buccaneer

Nope, not Pam; What do you see # 95

Punam; Frozen inspiration

Shweta; Not a regular pirate

Goutam; Books

Kittysverses; An uncharted journey

Jeff; One of our favorite pastimes

Chirag Kashyap; Not a regular pirate

I am also very grateful to everyone who read, shared, and commented on these posts.

I will be posting next week’s challenge on Monday at 12:00 pm PKT.

Thank you all for your support.




45 thoughts on “What do you see # 95 – A Roundup

  1. Your prompts and your verses are ‘golden nuggets’ –
    I didn’t see the round up right away – I was traveling. And had very little net time.
    It did link. – Thank you. I hope to get to your challenging image before your next prompt! (((Hugs)))

    Liked by 1 person

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