Blogging Insights- Writing = Painting of the voice

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Today’s quote:
writing is the painting of the voice quote

“Writing is the painting of the voice !’ 



Writing is the voice of our thoughts, given form in black and white. What the brain perceives, the hand writes on the paper.

We all have a different voice, we all think differently and when we express our thoughts, we all do it in a different manner. Even if our thoughts are similar, our expression of them are so varied. I have seen this phenomenon so vividly when I read the responses to my image prompt, What do you see!

The same image evokes such a wide variety of thoughts and responses. If these words were painted, the images would be beautifully divergent.

Beautiful artwork, representing thoughts

I do agree with this quote. And I love the diversity of thoughts and expressions of different people, which when expressed, made beautiful word paintings.




47 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- Writing = Painting of the voice

  1. Indeed! I found this to be true in my writing groups. Given the same prompt 5 or more of us in attendance that evening had a huge variety of responses. Even when we’ve seen the prompt before our personal response was far different each time.

    By the way, I loved the illustration and your response.

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