Crimson Creative Challenge # 145

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When I looked at this photo, I couldn’t tell what it was and yesterday, after reading Crispina’s post I became aware that it was a covered water well! ( I hope I got that right!)

Where I live, a water well looks like this in rural areas. Very basic but very essential. Water is a scarce resource in the world today. When people have to put in hard work to fetch water, they value it more.

Women fetching water in containers

We, the city dwellers however get running water just by turning the tap on. That’s why we waste a lot more water than the villagers. We hear the words that we should NOT WASTE WATER but these words rarely sink in. The only time we realize the importance of running water in taps is when due to some technical problem, the supply is suspended.

Value water for its a precious resource.




41 thoughts on “Crimson Creative Challenge # 145

  1. Where I live there is always water. All we have to do is turn the tap and out it pours. I think that’s why we take it for granted and don’t understand its value. Sadly if we continue as we are there will be a time when water will be rationed…maybe not in my lifetime but the time will come if change doesn’t happen.

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  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you there. The experience of my childhood (and grandma’s well) coupled with living in an area which, despite being in UK with piped water, has known intermittent periods of drought when water arrives in a tanker to be rationed, makes me all too aware of what life with no easy supply of water can be like,

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