Share With Us # 2

Nova is asking some more questions this week;

1. Have you ever jumped in rain puddles?

I’m sure as a kid I have. But I don’t have a vivid memory of it.

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2. Do you or do you not use a fork to twist your spaghetti on a spoon before putting it in your mouth?

Mostly I try! But I eat the spaghetti in any way I can. Fork, spoon or hands.

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3. If you saw a reflection of your younger self in a mirror, what would you tell him/her?

I would tell her that she is beautiful. No need to compare with others and feel lesser than them.

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4. How would you describe the sky without using weather related words?

A canopy composed of gases in different composition, taking on the hue of the blue light of the light spectrum, filtering through it.

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5. Are you an organ donor? Have you ever received an organ transplant?

No I am not! I often think about it but sadly this is not very common in my country. We neither have organ banks everywhere or the facility to harvest organs.

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6. Have you ever taken the punishment for someone? What happened and what was the punishment?

I don’t remember being that brave. But I always took my share of the blame. It was not okay to let anyone else take the brunt of my doings.

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7. Tell us something you’ve learned about a culture different from your own.

We in Pakistan have been exposed to American culture through tv shows and movies. So it wasn’t something new to me when I came to live here. But one thing that I hadn’t seen before was how even the pedestrian would follow the traffic rules and would walk on one side of the footpath while going and on the other side while coming.

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8. Would you please tell me 5 sounds that you hear right now?

The fan is whirling, rain drops are falling outside, the Kitty is meowing ( maybe wants more food) my husband is listening to something on his phone and the coffee cup clinks on the saucer as I drink my coffee.

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Thanks Nova for these lovely questions.

If you want to answer her questions, click on her link at the top in the post.



32 thoughts on “Share With Us # 2

  1. I loved your description of the sky. I didn’t know that pedestrians also followed the rules. American shows are how I get exposed to the culture over there. It’s sad that organ donation is not that established. It’s the same here too.

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    1. Thanks Shweta! I observed this while walking on the side walks and dodging the incoming people. Then I realized that the all walked on the right side ! Same was the case in the malls!
      Yes, I’m sorry about that too. I think it’s also a cultural and religious issue in our countries too.

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