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Welcome to the weekly #writephoto prompt!

A bit of fun this week. This week is (supposed to be) my company’s return to the office. Most staff had agreed on some form of hybrid working, which seems to strike a better work-life balance for most. 

What does office mean to you?

The Dinosaur – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a small child who has commandeered control of the pc.


Hmmm…. Let’s see how this works. Mummy pushes this button and the computer comes on.

Now let’s do some work here.

Robbie uses the keyboard to type random letters and presses enter.

Nothing happens and he thinks he should explore some more. What are these things on the screen? He clicks on one of the files on the screen and opens a document.

Just then mom comes into her home office and stops in shock.

What are you doing here Robbie? You are not supposed to touch mommy’s stuff, especially not her computer”.

But mom, I want to do office work just like you.”

Maybe in a few years my dear. Let’s see what damage you have done here”.

She heaves a sigh of relief as everything seems to be in order. “I must put a code on it. Next time I may not be this lucky”, she thinks as she ushers her four-year-old out of her home office.

I’ll be so glad when he can go back to school,” she says under her breath.




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