5 Things- 5 lessons learned in pandemic

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5 Things Tuesday — 5 Life lessons you have learned during the lockdown.

Something totally unexpected happened at the end of February 2020. A global pandemic was declared by the WHO and most places went into unprecedented lockdowns.

The pandemic still is here. Maybe for another year or two, who can say for sure.

I have learned a few things since February’20


After the toilet paper shortage, OTC painkillers were scarce too. People bought all the hand sanitizer from stores and even on Amazon, one couldn’t find any. The most important lesson I learned was to share. Get only what you need and leave the rest for others.

• Be kind;

Pandemic is tough on everyone. Be kind when you see people struggling with their lives. Be more understanding and forgiving. When everyone is suffering, a little kindness goes a long way.

Learn to entertain yourself;

When one is in a lockdown, there aren’t many people you can visit, movies you can watch in theater, or go shopping to the mall. I have found the ability to entertain myself was a lifesaver. Reading, blogging, making lego creations and going for long walks were the ways I kept myself busy.

Be organized and disciplined;

I learned that following a routine and sticking to it was the best way to have a stress free day. When I woke up every morning, I knew what was my schedule for the day and I always had something planned that would make me wake up with hope everyday.

Look after your health and appearance;

It was the perfect time to get back to healthy eating and to try to shed the extra weight. Walking daily, eating according to my plan helped me lose 10 pounds. I also got some kits and products online for self grooming and it was another way to spend my time productively and pleasantly.


These are some of the very important lessons I learned during the pandemic lockdown.



49 thoughts on “5 Things- 5 lessons learned in pandemic

  1. Indeed. Those are great learnings. I especially resonate with the self-created structure, and making sure to look after oneself. Can be easy sometimes to slip into laziness, yet, getting up getting dressed, etc., creates a more balanced and positive attitude. Great post, my friend.

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