Three Line Tales – Sinking

Sonya is the host of Three Line Tales

Welcome to Week 289 of Three Line Tales.


I had that familiar sinking feeling in my heart again and I knew that we should not have gone to that big stadium packed with people.

In the effort to please my friends and colleagues, I even ditched my mask and fully embraced the game spirit.

Now my throat is itching and I have a fever as well, I know I’m going to test positive for covid, what a fool I was.

44 thoughts on “Three Line Tales – Sinking

  1. Yes, the temptations around abound …to think and act like the rest of the crowd. But safety first is no longer just applicable to the work place. it has spilled out into everyday decision making. A sobering tale indeed. Thank you Sadje.

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  2. ha sounds like a lot of idiots here Sadje, well written!

    We are only allowed 1 home visitor, 10 at a funeral or wedding yet there were 2 huge footy stadiums with hundreds of spectators not distancing … they make everyone suffer 😦

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  3. Hmmm, I don’t know how I feel about this. There are a number of variables but I guess it never hurt anyone to choose caution over risk, however controlled. I tend to throw ‘some’ caution to the winds, especially under fairly controlled circumstances.

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