Share Your World – August 16, 2021

Melanie is the host of SYW


7-15-2021 When you just need to forget the world for a few hours, what helps you get away from it all? (Fuzzywig the Stoner Raccoon)

I find escape in blogging and reading. Listening to music while walking helps too. Contemplating my situation in solitude and thinking out a solution is perhaps the best one as it can offer a permanent solution to whatever is bothering me.

7-22-2021 If you woke up tomorrow with a unicorn horn extending from the top of your head, what would be the biggest advantage and disadvantage of your new appendage? (Mitzi the FRIENDLY Unicorn)

The only advantage I can think of is that it’ll add many inches to my height and consequently, my BMI will become lower. Who knows I may be out of the obesity range altogether. As for disadvantages, there would be many, the most annoying one would be that I’ll be bumping my horn against everything!

7-29-2021 What is the creepiest thing you’ve ever seen someone do, that you’d be willing to talk about, of course? (Snuggle The Friendly Bear)

Once I was walking in the neighborhood, (I was in Seattle at the time and it was early March 2020), I saw a woman throwing stones at the front door of the apartment of a student ( it was university housing for families). She was also shouting abuse. The occupant of the apartment came out and they exchanged hot words. Later the occupant called the campus police to help her get rid of that woman. It was a weird experience seeing all that so early in the morning.

8-5-2021 What’s the silliest or pettiest thing that tends to really upset you? (Rainy, The Wickedly Obsessive Rain Loving Skunk)

When due to some unexpected occurrence, I cannot follow my usual routine, I get quite upset. Though I don’t show my irritation to anyone, internally I feel unsettled and try to get back to My schedule. I know it’s petty and silly but we oldies are set in our ways!


How comfortable are you with meeting others who are very different from yourself? (no judgment implied.  Different in any way you’d like to think about – different cultures, different races, different mind set (opinions)? 

I like meeting people which are from different countries and cultures. But I’d like to be able to converse with them so it’s always helpful if I speak their language or they speak mine. Or we can use a language we both know, like English. Meeting people from across the globe is such a wonderful, mind-broadening experience.

I really enjoyed these questions Melanie. Thanks to you and evil squirrel.




28 thoughts on “Share Your World – August 16, 2021

  1. I also get unsettled when normal things don’t happen normally. I ESPECIALLY hate arguing with people at places I buy online when they tell me they can’t help me because it was ONLINE. It’s an online company — so they can’t help? Huh?

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    1. I think we want things to be just so, and when they aren’t, it upsets our routine and mind! The fact that an online purchase cannot be returned is ridiculous. They should be eager to help.


  2. Thank you Sadje for Sharing Your World! The height addition from the unicorn horn is indeed a big advantage for people (like myself) who are a bit shorter. Di mentioned that she’d use hers to keep people at a socially safe distance out in public. I like that idea too. It’s silly I know, but those silly questions lend a little lightness to things IMO. You can see some very odd things early in the morning as well as late at night. I had a friend once who lived in a really bad neighborhood, and one night about 2 a.m. (early morning?) her neighbor shot his wife dead on the sidewalk in front of her house. She had two young girls too. I think that would terrify me, as would the violent woman in your case. At least the police were able to resolve the situation without something bad happening it sounds like. Have a wonderful week and take care!

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    1. Thanks Melanie! Yes a bit of lighthearted fun is needed now and then.
      That incident must be awful to witness. My experience was just uncomfortable.


  3. I never thought of the added height a horn would give to our medical charts! Since I was labeled as clinically obese when I was 30 pounds lighter than I am now, I can use every inch I can get. Routine breaking is such a huge peeve for me as well, and adversely affects both my sanity and my physical health when I have to do other things. This is why I never have time for anyone…

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