Weekend Writing Prompt – Glow

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wk 222 glow


The word glow evokes a warm cozy feeling in my mind. The glow of the moon or the setting sun, and embers of dying fire glowing in the night.

My favorite is watching the glowing, radiant faces of my three grandchildren when they are enjoying themselves. They all get excited when they are involved in their favorite activity. The eldest, who is 11 is always excited when he is playing his favorite game on the computer. The younger two are little yet and their faces glow when they are up to their naughty tricks.

Word count; 94




36 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt – Glow

  1. Ah… but I’ve been told that when the children cause ‘trouble’ it was the parents who created the mischief (makers) 😀 Children do like to see just how far they can go!

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