Sunday Poser # 41

Wow, the month of August is more than half way through. Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

My question this week is;

Are you a risk taker?

Taking risks falls into two categories. One is the everyday type of risks like choosing a new restaurant to dine in or taking a different route while driving. And then there is the other kind, like making life-altering decisions, financial investments, or doing something that could be dangerous, like sky or bungee jumping!

I would class myself as a person who plays it safe most of the time. When asked for my food preference, I opt for the tried and tested favorites. Same with holiday destinations. The only risky holiday I had was when I opted to go to Turkey with my friends. It was a fantastic holiday and has encouraged me to be more adventurous.

As for life altering decisions, I’m afraid that I am a chicken. I would do what is the safest. I’ve only once stepped out of my comfort zone when I moved to America with my daughter and grandson. And that decision was taken by my mother’s heart, putting all fears of unknown aside!

This is my answer.

What is yours? How often you step out of your comfort zone and take risks?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can post the answer in your own blog post. But do remember to link it to my post so that I can find your post.




51 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 41

  1. I am like you. I don’t take a lot of risks. But when I do, I feel a sense of satisfaction that I don’t feel by playing it safe. For example, my husband had job offers in other states to go into management, but I wanted to stay put, so we did. The risk taking I’ve done is relatively small like joining a swim team when I wasn’t a swimmer and learning to dive off the blocks.

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    1. Daring to step out of our comfort zone and being successful at it brings a high which staying safe doesn’t. Starting small is i think better. Learning to swim and diving the blocks is a wonderful step. Thanks for sharing

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  2. It depends how you define risk. The older I get, the more I try to avoid anything physically risky, such as hikes in the wild, rollercoasters, sashimi, etc. But I will take emotional risks, such as reading work in public, etc.

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  3. I think in my personal life, not super risky, though I am outside my comfort zone often enough. Professionally, more risk taking, due to the nature of the work. There is a certain amount of risk when innovating. Great prompt, Sadje.

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  4. I’m not a risk taker but I’m really impulsive, so I don’t always think things through. We’re currently looking at buying a house interstate unseen. 😕

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  5. Hi Sadje,
    I’m not really, though it was an adventure going to NZ on my own in 2010.
    Today though, it’s risky going anywhere with so many people about, but sometimes we have no choice, especially if we want to eat!!

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    1. Yes Di things have changed so much in the last 18 or so months that stepping out for grocery shopping is a risk too.
      Traveling to see family is the best kind of adventure in my book too.

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  6. I have such a high regard for the cost of life, so I would say no, I am not a risk taker….however, I know over the years, I took a risk to intervene with something I could see was dangerous and could harm others.

    I don’t know what it is, but sometimes this rush of instinct kicks in and makes a decision before I have time to second guess myself. I remember once a concrete mixer that had been started up and the handle had not been removed. It was spinning around and it could have been flung off at high speed and injured someone. I reached out like some kind of ninja and whisked it off before that could happen. Everyone who saw me was gobsmacked because it was stupid and dangerous, and yet it could have prevented a serious incident.

    I have done other things like that at times…seen danger coming towards someone and risked myself to protect them.

    But nope….I have no wish to take risks…and I think it is disturbing that some people deliberately put themselves at risk for an adrenaline rush.

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    1. I think what you did saved an accident from happening and it was brave of you. And I do agree with you that talking risks without a cause is not wise at all. Thanks Mel for sharing your thoughts


  7. Never been much of a risk taker… but there is a certain amount of risk in everyday (especially with Covid). I chose to face each day risks and all… some days that is easier than others but it is better than standing still or falling backwards.

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