Nova wants to know!

Nova of My Namesté has posted these questions for anyone to answer

Here’s a few questions to consider. Feel free to answer any that you’d like 🌺

1. Growing up, what did you want to do professionally when you got older?

I wanted to become a doctor when I was growing up. I was in med school when I got married and then I abandoned my studies and opted for a BSc degree instead.

2. Do you live in the city or state of which you were born?

Surprisingly, I am. The surprising part is that I’ve lived in many cities throughout my life, first as a child with my family when we lived wherever my father was posted. After getting married my husband was also in government service and we lived in many small and bigger cities of our country. Finally, we have settled in Lahore, the place I was born.

3. What’s an item that you had as a girl, but isn’t being sold anymore?

I can’t think of anything that I had that isn’t sold anymore.

4. Do your prefer pudding, yogurt, custard, or ice cream?

Caramel custard!

5. What’s one topic of interest you’d like to learn more about?

I like to read up on information regarding medical advancement in fields related to the illnesses I’m suffering from. Diabetes, autoimmune diseases and joint diseases.

6. What is a favorite/unique family tradition in your house?

Eid is celebrated in our culture/ country/ religion. It’s much like Christmas but with a difference, that it’s more of a religious festival than a cultural one.

7. If you had one topic to teach to the entire world, what would it be and why?

I would like to teach people to respect humanity. Every human being is equally important. The race, ethnicity and religion notwithstanding.

8. What’s something you know you do differently than most people?

I am a stickler for routine and follow my routine even on holidays.

9. What’s one of your life saving cleaning hacks?

Do it now rather than later.

10. What’s one thing you wish you knew before having kids, but didn’t?

That being a mom is the toughest job on the planet.

11. What is one lesson life has taught you recently?

That we can do with less, way less than we think.

12. If you could retire and live anywhere in the world, where would that be?

At home. It’s where my family is. But if we all moved than anywhere we are together.

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