WQWWC #37: Lakes, Oceans, Water

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The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. The touch of the sea is sensuous, enfolding the body in its soft, close embrace.” – Kate Chopin

I love the sound of the sea! The waves gently rolling in and out. In fact I love the sound of water. It has a calming effect on mind. It soothes the spirit and lulls the anxieties to sleep.

Storms are part of the seas and oceans. You can even have a storm in a teacup! We all are apprehensive of getting caught in a storm but sometimes we need the storm to cleanse the debris so that we can move ahead in life. It

While the running water has a charm of its own, the calm still water of the lake has its own allure. In this stillness, you can see the reflection of the beauty around it. It seems as if this water hold deep secrets and maybe the answer to the riddles of life that we seek. Sitting on the shore of a lake or a sea, one can contemplate on deeper meaning of life. It is always easier to do that in presence to great natural beauty.

It holds the essence of life
Each drop, vital to life’s survival

Care for this precious resource
Take care not to waste even a single drop
For without freshwater, life on this planet won’t survive

Water, it holds the essence of life!




30 thoughts on “WQWWC #37: Lakes, Oceans, Water

  1. Beautiful post, Sadje. It is so true that inside stillness lives the storm, and vice versa. I love the quote about the reflection of the self when the mind is still. Truth. Oh, and I love the sound of the ocean! 🌊🌊

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  2. Sadje, this is a lovely post about what is wonderful about water. Even storms! We are loving the storms in Prescott right now. They have turned every hillside green and cooled the miserable hot temperatures of July and August. I love the post about troubled waters, especially since I’ve been there for the last month. When the waters are troubled, we focus on only the problems at hand. Everything unnecessary floats away. Super true. Did you write that last poem, Sadje. It’s fabulous.

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