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Stephanie Colpron is the host of Tale Weaver

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Dream a Little Dream of Me

Stories for me often start with dreams… It can be a scene though I’ve sometimes dreamt entire adventures. I have also dreamed the same thing several times but bringing about different outcomes by attempting new things within the dreams. Yes I’m weird like that. 

So what adventures/tales would you write that started with a dream – say from last night or from one of last week’s, last year’s if you’re so lucky as to remember them for so long? 

Or – from another perspective – what tale/adventure would you dream of living? Who would you become? A high priestess? A rogue werewolf? A different version of yourself; more daring, more patient?

After all, stories can be the stuff of dreams and inspire, lift us up in so many diverse ways.

So who/what would tell you to “Dream a little dream of me”? Share your tale.


I bought a dream catcher to capture

The elusive dreams I dream at night

For they always evaporate like the morning dew

When I wake up the next day

But the dream catcher was as useless as my memory

I could never recall what transpired behind my closed eyelids

Just that some days I would wake up with a bounce in my step

And a desire to change the world with my heroic deeds

And on others, I would try to push down a feeling of doom

Then I realized that the dreams I dreamt while sleeping didn’t matter

The dreams that matter are those which I dream while awake

Those that set me on the path to achieve my goals

And when I aspire to reach for the stars or touch the rainbow

I can at least accomplish some fraction of this lofty ambition

We need our dreams for they lay the basis

Upon which we construct the fortress of life




35 thoughts on “Take Weaver – Dream a dream

  1. My dear friends, we love dreaming good and its only possible if we leave reality too. Our dreams keeps us alive and reality drags us to worst too. So why don’t we trust out dreams? Lovely

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