Reena’s Xploration Challenge # 194 – Story in a sentence

Reena is the host of RXC


I chose one called POLYSYNDETON for this prompt.

It is art of creating complex sentences, by using conjunctions instead of commas.

Write a sentence, or maybe you can pull a story or flash fiction or poem in this style.


The darkness of night had fallen long ago and although we all were tired after the labors of our busy day we could not find solace in restful sleep so I asked grandpa to tell us a story not a horror story mind you but something like the fairy tales of the old but grandpa being grandpa had other ideas and when he started clapping his hands and tapping his feet we knew that he was going to entertain us with his favorite Scottish ballads and that was exactly what he did he sang song after melodious song entertaining us all and making us forget how tired we all were and we also joined him in his songs as we picked up the lyrics and the nostalgic tunes was so sweet and relaxing that one by one we all snuggled in our makeshift beds and started dozing off but grandpa sang late into the night because I guess the songs had brought back memories of his childhood days and his motherland.




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