Wise Wednesdays – Mental Abuse

Reblog; I am sharing an important message from Reena of Fiery females about the cycle of abuse. Do spread the awareness


  1. The people on a far-off island are afflicted by a rare skin disease. Everybody suffers from the same, for many generations.

A doctor happens to land on the island from a shipwreck, and wants to investigate the disease. The locals look at him derisively, and claim it is ‘normal’. It’s not a disease.

2. A newly married girl is shocked to see her mother-in-law being beaten up by her father-in-law, for no fault of hers. She runs inside to call other members of the family, to save their mother. They ask her to go to her room and mind her own business. No wonder, the girl faces abuse at the hands of her husband, years after her marriage. The children had grown up to think the behaviour is ‘normal’.

3. Roohani is often blamed for putting her husband in a negative state of mind, since she did not bear children…

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