Does writing needs to have a purpose?

As bloggers, we all write. Some do it daily, others weekly and some sporadically. The question that came to my mind today is that;

Does writing needs to have a purpose?

What is the purpose behind my daily posts? Do I write for myself alone or for my readers, or perhaps both?

These questions are sometimes circulating in my mind and here I will try to make some sense of my thoughts process.

When I started blogging, it was just to see what I can write. At that time the plan was to write some informative posts with a touch of humor. I still have many, many drafts from that initial time. I have them saved because I do plan to write and post them eventually.

But I didn’t stick with my initial plan. I ventured out into the realm of poetry and short stories. It was a fun exercise and I learned a lot. As they say the more you write, the more you learn how to write.

There was a time when I was posting around 5-6 times a day. It irked a few people that I was flooding their readers with so many posts daily. Gradually I reduced my post to around 3 a day. I stopped the daily Prompts post which was an exciting challenge for me as I used to fit in 4-6 words into a coherent post.

The reason why I reduced my posts was that I felt;

a) I was over stretching myself

b) With too many posts in a day, none of them were being given the attention I wanted.

c) I felt some of my posts had absolutely no purpose to them.

These were the reasons which prompted me to reduce my daily posting schedule. I realized that for me to feel good about my writing, I needed to say something with at least one of the posts I published every day.

And that is the reason for my initial question; Does writing needs to have a purpose?

Perhaps for me, it does. It should either entertain, inform or inspire the reader!

What are your thoughts on this question!

Please share your thoughts!




154 thoughts on “Does writing needs to have a purpose?

  1. I still miss writing to my Mum. The letters I write now are to friends in their 80s who don’t have a computer so snail mail suits us both. Does writing have a purpose? Yes I think so. With various prompts and challenges, the mind matter can go into overdrive and stimulate our imagination.

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    1. I remember the real letters I used to write. I think I only wrote to my father when I was studying in med school. They really had a purpose and when we got one in reply, it brought a lot of happiness.
      Thanks for sharing Di! You always have a unique take on the prompts.

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  2. I’m not sure how many is too many. I have found three a day is about the right number, but with word prompts many are putting them into the same blog, which probably is a good thing. I’m new to blogging, but I am finding it quite enjoyable.

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  3. Self-reflective inquiry with regard to writing offers up answers pertinent to each individual. I believe it’s a good idea to sit with your thoughts at times and make any necessary changes you deem feasible to continue on your own personal journey.

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  4. I began writing as a journalism major being assigned to local papers. Then in PR for years. Then I ventured into children’s fiction writing and was published in magazines. I have several YA manuscripts unpublished. I began blogging and then got some website and magazine jobs and blogged a little. Now I’m more focused on my blog. All my ventures in writing have a purpose, but at different times the purpose changes.

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  5. I don’t think that overstretching yourself has anything to do with the quantity of the posts that you write, unless you are sacrificing quality, by writing too much. At one time I began to incorporate all of the prompts into the same post and i enjoyed doing all of these multi-prompt posts, but I saw that it hurt my stories trying to fit things into them that didn’t belong, so I stopped overstretching myself and I concentrate more on the story now.

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    1. Overstretching lead to a build up of stress in me. For example, I’d gather all the daily Prompts, the last one would come around 4-5pm my time. Then I’d get busy creating a post around them and would get stressed when i was busy with something else. And as you said, sometimes it wouldn’t make proper sense either.

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      1. It feels good when you can group a whole bunch of prompts together, but to me since I have done that many times, it lost some of the thrill. Everyone is doing it and it takes away from the individual value that the prompt words hold when they are thrown in Willy Nilly.

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  6. I started blogging to share thoughts on being positive, personal development, meditation and anything I was working on in terms of improving me as a person, and I shared it all. I then started to share blogging and social media tips. Went into podcasting and now a newletter. My blog has a purpose and it about how are thinking impacts us.

    With regards to your question. Does writing have a purpose. I think yes it does. And as you say, to inform, inspire and entertain; as well to influence, convince, maybe even to manipulate and 😕

    Also, writing or journaling has a purpose to clear out the mess in our heads and hearts.

    And it is not all about the reader. It about the writer, expressing their inner world, their music, their ..

    So yes all writing has a purpose and maybe not always positive.

    Great questions and great post to get us thinking

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    1. Thanks Bella for sharing your thoughts. You’re right that C Writing is as much about the reader as it is about the writer. And we can clear confusion, misconceptions and implant new ideas through our writing

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  7. i think writing inherently has a purpose, intended or not. Whether it’s purely entertaining, humor, or some version of news, there IS a reason it got written. A lot of what I write these days is entertainment. Why? Because I think as a species we’ve given up our future. We adults will live out our lives, but I doubt there will be a viable world for our grand or greatgrandchildren — so we might as well be amused and at least visually entertain. I’m personally sick at heart at what is likely to be our future, but I’ve done what I can and it is nothing compared to what needs doing.

    So I take pretty pictures. I can’t even imagine a future. All that dystopian “science fiction” is beginning to turn into our actual future. It’s too awful to bear.

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    1. Thanks Marilyn for sharing your thoughts! I agree with you that writing has a purpose and what better purpose than to entertain?
      I’m not that un-hopeful about our future because I think whatever we have done, the coming generations are much more sensible than us and will be able to undo a few of our mistakes.


  8. If I don’t like what I write then I guess I shouldn’t be writing. I like everything I write.
    Sometimes I wonder why I don’t get ‘likes’ on this wonderful thing I have written. But I still spend time on trying to improve. I have rewritten many poems and perhaps only changed one word or line and found doing that can to be uplifting.

    Trying new poetry styles is/was important to me. I’ve pretty much settled into my way.

    I think writing has or needs to have a purpose. The difficulty is finding or naming that purpose.

    The most disappointing thing about my writing is that those I care about most have no interest in my writing.

    I depend on strangers to like what I do.

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    1. You know that many bloggers here have the same issue. Their real like friends and families show little interest in their writing while the people from blogging community support them. I too sometimes feel that a poem which I liked very much wasn’t appreciated here but at least I was satisfied with it.

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        1. You’re most welcome Suzette! Wow, I didn’t know that I was the first one to comment on your post. You’re such a talented writer my friend.


  9. I think you can overdo the posts to the point you don’t put in what it really required. I try to read every posts of the bloggers I follow and it takes a lot of time, but you find gems 😄

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  10. I write because I enjoy putting words and thoughts together. I used to post every day and did challenges. Now I usually post two or three times a week and don’t do challenges. There is little rhyme or reason to my posts they are just random thoughts that I explore.

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  11. I agree too. Writing has a purpose, for the writer as well the reader. I must admit that I get to read most of your posts after you’ve reduced the daily count. That’s a wonderful self reflection on your part.

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  12. I’ve really tried to be selfish, in the sense that if I write to my imagined readership I tend to write rubbish whereas if I write what pleases me it appears to engage at least some readers. That’s partly why I have no particular schedule. There are a couple of prompts I do regularly but not religiously but otherwise it is whatever emerges . No more than once a day either because it takes far too much time and now, no guilt – yes, I felt guilty – if I don’t post. Hence the sense of selfishness. This really does have to be about what I want.

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  13. Writing always has a purpose but for each one it’s a different purpose. Some write exclusively for themselves; they are not too keen to engage with others. Some write for numbers; they want to amass likes and followers not really bothered about the content they create. Some are driven by advertising; posting indiscriminately! There are those who want to write only quality content, period. Then there are those who write for themselves but also look for genuine feedback to improve their writing.

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  14. 5-6 a day!!! I have found writing enjoyable, but sometimes I struggle posting once a day. I think it should also have a purpose. If solely for ourselves then maybe better if we maintain a journal. Just my two cents. 😊

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  15. Great question. I started writing to keep my mind fresh but, also to try and help others. If I were to try and talk out my thoughts and opinions, I would probably sound like a broken record. If I write my thoughts down, it gives me the chance to go back and read it for myself before I post for others to read. I guess my answer to the question would be both for the reader and myself. Either way, it saves us both the opportunity to read my thoughts and not listen to me going off subject over and over again.

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  16. Writing is a skill which help us lifetime and it considerable to be endless reasons. Well the most beautiful line I think I learn from this post is the more you write, the more you learn.
    This post helps me a lot and I hope it will help other also.
    – Peace ✌

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  17. Yes, I think writing needs to have a purpose. Be it inspiring and interesting the readers as you say, or, be it motivating the writer himself/herself to keep them engaged or motivating him/her, I think it does have a purpose…

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  18. Great question….For me, writing is therapeutic. In high school whenever I had a particularly bad day I would sit down and just write. I would write until my mood changed.

    Yes and no, to answer your question. Sometimes writing can just be for yourself, no purpose really. But it also can reach to someone who needed to read that one post. Then it has a purpose. Does that make sense?

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  19. I love this post. It reminds me to write for a purpose. I am used to writing because I simply love to write. I wasn’t exactly thinking for a purpose. Perhaps a purpose is good to keep me motivated on why I write.

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  20. I’m still finding my purpose. . . I’m on that stage where you were when you started. I had another blog which was informative but I don’t want to write that now. So I’m still exploring. 😁

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  21. Of course it does. I would define my blogs as inspirational content that ticks the readers mind to understand the information or message I’m conveying in my blog post.

    My first site : Men’s Fashion & Style by Mthobisi is my best site as it’s purpose is to inspire men young and old to dress better and use style to get those to do list or goals done. 👏

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  22. As I have just joined the field of blogging.Having no idea how it should look like,however I consider my self a learner blogger because I feel that I write to discover me and what I can do with the words.

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  23. I think there is always a purpose of some kind. Whether it is to spread a message, or get fellings out, or just trying to stretch the creative muscles. And the point doesn’t always have to be obvious to the audience. Sometimes there may be only one person who gets it, but it can mean the world to them.


  24. Thank you for asking the question. This question stopped me to think for a moment, I stopped daily posting.

    Here is a cache – A post with single images gets 400+ likes and a responsible post written in words get barely 10 likes. My point is not getting too many lake’s but getting a decent response on well-crafted quality posts.

    I have experience with both incidents on my blog. I’m not lying.

    Bloggers & readers should convince themselves to promote quality content. Blogging has great potential in the digital era, with very few bloggers using it rightly/fully.

    My blog, Lokesh Blogger has certain purposes ;
    1. Creating art of modern storytelling (stories)
    2. Writing comprehensive, deep, applicable and worthy posts. (Guides, how-tos, tutorials)
    3. Helping bloggers to utilise blogging (Blogging)
    4. Education through entertainment (Student life and learning)
    5. Arranging events, contests, interviews and collaborations.

    My mission is an inspiration. 💪

    I agree with your words– It should either entertain, inform or inspire the reader!

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    1. Lokesh, I agree with your analysis about the fickle nature of a blog reader. One can never predict what sort of response a post will get. We cannot force people to only read or like quality content. We can just do our bit. You are doing a great job with so many admirable goals.

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  25. Putting pen to paper will fulfill some purpose whether it’s working through your thoughts, for fun, or to inspire others the very act fulfills some need. Although, I don’t believe we should only write with the hope of getting a lot of readers or published it should also be for ourselves. To grow as a writer, learn, create something you’re proud of, otherwise you will be at the mercy of rejection (which will happen because every piece is for a different audience) instead of being driven by passion and love for the art. Even if I never get published the time, I’ve spent writing could never be considered a waste because it’s helped me know myself better.

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    1. Well said Raven. I agree that when we write, we satisfy our inner urge to express ourselves and that’s never a waste. Thanks for sharing your thoughts


  26. Exactly! This is especially true for blogging. For me, it’s the three Es (very similar to yours), which are: Educate, Entertain, or E-inspire. Yeah, I cheated, but ‘the three Es’ have a better ring to it than ‘the two Es and one I)’, lol.

    Anyway, thanks for this post!

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