5 Things Tuesday – Favorite Feelings

Tanya is the host of 5 Things

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5 Things Tuesday — 5 Favourite Feelings

In her post Tanya has listed her favorite feelings. And of course they are the best, hope, happiness, excitement, anticipation, and contentment! My list would be somewhat identical to a degree.

Feeling of peace; Of all the good feelings, I love to feel at peace with myself and the world around me. This is the feeling I get when my inner self is at peace with my outer world.

Feeling ahead of my daily chores; When I am ahead of my daily targets, I feel so good. My walking done, Blog posts written, and my chores done, that’s when I totally relax. Now I can use my time for reading, coloring and other activities.

Feeling excited; Anticipating something when some new venture is on the horizon, like traveling abroad or going on vacation to a different city makes me feel all excited. As the day the feeling of anticipation is sometimes better than the actual event.

Feeling sated; Having a good night’s sleep, or after a good satisfying meal is the way I feel sated. It is a wonderful feeling that leaves me at peace with myself and my world.

Feeling joyful and happy; This is last in the list but not the last in priority. All the previous feelings listed Brian me to this feeling. Joy and happiness fills me when I am at peace, relaxed and sated.




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