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Today’s quote:
Blogging is a full fledged conversation quote

“Twitter is like a calling card. Facebook is like a phone call. Blogging is like a full-fledged conversation!”

What do you think?


I am going to comment on this quote in relation to blogging!

It is a coincidence that I recently reactivated my Twitter account and hence I can comment on this quote with some experience under my belt!

Twitter is quite useful if you want your posts to have a wider audience than just the WordPress community. It is more than a calling card in my opinion. It’s more like a movie preview or trailer.

As far as Facebook is concerned, I feel that its utility is dropping day by day. Publicizing your content on Facebook takes a lot more effort. You have to invite people to view it by asking them to like your page. You also need to be more active on Facebook itself because it is a give-and-take relationship there. It may be a phone call but it is one that you’re going to make. And you will have to call many friends!

Blogging can be a full-fledged conversation, provided that your readers are willing to engage with you via comments. Otherwise, it’s more like a monologue than a conversation!

If one is proactive on any social media platform, you can have a better chance of having your posts/writing read by more people. But the key word is being proactive! In my opinion, Twitter is easier for gaining wider readership and it also introduces us to more writers/bloggers/ people out there who we would like to interact with.

Thank you Tanya for providing this interesting quote for us to analyze.



66 thoughts on “Blogging Insights – Blogging in respect to social media

  1. I agree with you on the blogging platform. It does take more work, I think to blog and prepare posts than other platforms perhaps. I have a twitter account, but I have to confess, I could not tell you when last I was on that platform. I enjoy blogging much more.

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  2. I think it’s interesting how you’ve explained each of the media types! Obviously Twitter works for you (and you put effort into it too). I couldn’t and won’t use Twitter, but I have my reasons. Blogging is my social media, even though you’re right and it is a monologue. But isn’t it a LOT more fun if one gets a dialogue going? I think so! 😀

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    1. Thanks Melanie! I had deactivated my Twitter account for more than a year. But I think just too promote my blog, it’s okay. We do have nice dialogues going on on our blogs.


  3. I have both twitter and FB, but mostly just to leave my blog link every day. There are a couple of friends and family on both that I keep up with and make comments with, but that’s all. I don’t have a ‘page’, so don’t really know what that means you have to invite people. I just make a new FB post to leave my link and the title of my blog. 🙂

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  4. I don’t publicize my posts on Twitter because I did so for years and received no meaningful traffic or replies (there or here). Same goes for FB with a rare exception for an occasional post I think they might enjoy…

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    1. I’ve linked my FB and Twitter account to my blog so the posts will get posted there as well. I do get some input from my Facebook page but since I have reactivated my Twitter account, there has been little traffic.

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  5. I just blog. I was on FB a long time ago but closed the account. I know nothing about Twitter or Instagram and will keep it that way. I don’t have a lot of followers, and that’s okay. I just like writing on WP, sort of like a journal. Having people like and comment is definitely a wonderful encouragement!

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  6. of the three i love blogging the most. i am not on twitter though. IG and Fb i am there to promote my books, but here in WP i make connections …i make friends and this is the most fun and wonderful part

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  7. I do have a Facebook page but still prefer WordPress. I also have Instagram and Pinterest but it’s more for me to probably print those posts in the future. You are right in saying it takes effort. A whole lot of it if you really want to grow your audience.

    Loved your insights on this, Sadje 🙂

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  8. Social media does take up a lot of one’s time. I started my blog for safe keeping my poems. Stats were or are never in the picture. In the process I met a lot of wonderful people. That’s what keeps me going. Mere likes don’t matter much.
    Never been on other platforms nor interested to do so. Happy to be here. 😊

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  9. I think any social media is a result of how much you put into it. I have never been big on Twitter and Facebook is going downhill but WordPress seems to have the potential for more interaction through comments and posts. Good post Sadje!

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