Thursday Inspiration #120 You’re No Good

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Respond to this challenge, by either by using the prompt word lesson, or going with the above picture, or by means of the song ‘You’re No Good


There was a lesson to be learned when Covid-19 struck the world in late 2019/early 2020. But the world blithely ignored the implications of this pandemic.

Now more than 18 months of disease, death, misery, and economic downfall of many individuals and communities, we are still divided as to how to deal with this situation.

When the total number of deaths worldwide exceeds 4.25 million, there are people who still are in denial. The conspiracy theorists, the anti-vaxxers, and the plain stupid ones are still denying the severity of this disease. Wave after wave of this deadly virus is descending upon country after country. The highly mutable virus is presenting ever-changing symptoms and to date no effective and affordable treatment is available.

What is the world going to look like in a year or two after is anybody’s guess. But one thing is for sure, the masks aren’t going anywhere soon. Forget wearing lipstick, smiling at strangers, or mixing in a gathering without fear of falling sick.

This post paints a true but bleak picture. I usually don’t write negatively but the attitude I see around me makes me angry enough to say something about it. If you’re not taking care while you go out and are exposed to the threat of the virus, please do.

The best defense against this disease is still in being careful of exposing yourself to it.

I’ve also included the Tale Weaver prompt, the world after by Stephanie Colpron in this post too.





27 thoughts on “Thursday Inspiration #120 You’re No Good

  1. Very well said Sadje..i would probably be able to understand those against the vaccines and those who believed in so called conspiracy theory; but i won’t and will not tolerate those simply stupid to believe covid is nothing. Because it is real and it kills

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