One Liner Wednesday -August 4, 2021

Linda is the host of One Liner Wednesday

Life is like a game of Mahjong, removing one pair of tiles can change the look of the board entirely, so worrying and planning too much in advance is usually pointless.

“Worrying about problems that might happen is a waste of time and futile, as the scenario ahead can change in a blink of an eye! Tackle the issues when you’re face to face with them”




35 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday -August 4, 2021

      1. Thanks Sadje for your kind words and concern. I’d love to answer the question posed with, “I’m fine.” only life has turned into ‘existence’ and I’ve grown weary thinking I can fix any situation. To admit the truth is difficult since it’s easier to let others think all is okay even when it’s not that way.

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