Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge # 129

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Welcome to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.

I’ve also included, Fandango Story Starter # 5 here;

Sometimes it hard to know the difference between…

The photo is from the Google Photo Frame.

For the visually challenged writer, the photo is of a small, remote, costal village at the foot of a mountain. It’s nighttime and the street lights are on and the Northern Lights illuminate the night sky.


Sometimes it hard to know the difference between reality and imagination! When I looked at this picture perfect image from a travel brochure, I was instantly excited to go there. In my imagination, it was like a dream came to life. The aurora borealis tinting the sky in beautiful shades of green and blue, and the village itself illuminated in gorgeous colors beckoned me to visit.

The reality, however turned out to be quite different. The accommodation was very basic, heating was almost non-existent and there was no internet, no WiFi. Even the cell phones weren’t working all the time, the signal strength was very iffy! For people like me who were used to the amenities of modern living, it came as a huge disappointment. Instead of staying the planned ten days, I packed my bags after the second day and left for a more civilized holiday destination.

One good thing did happen though, I took a lot of pictures of the village and bragged about it on all my social media accounts!





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