Share Your World – August 2, 2021

Melanie is the host of SYW

Her questions this week are;


1. If you could be anywhere else right now, where would it be?

Actually, I am very happy and content in my home, my city, and my country right now. We are safe here and close to the family. But if we talk of vacation, I would like to visit Turkey with my family. It’s a charming place to visit. Right now they require 10 days of quarantine on arrival, so we’ll wait till it’s safe to travel.

2. What Wastes The Most Time In Your Day To Day Life?

Hmmmm….. I don’t think I waste time on anything other than blogging. And I don’t consider blogging a waste of time, though others might think so. I don’t watch tv, or do any surfing on the internet and I don’t waste time on social media either.

3. How would you describe your greatest enemy? If you don’t have one, share your secret! 🙂

My greatest enemy is also my greatest love; Food! It is what is causing all my weight and health problems and yet it’s my love of food that keeps me eating my favorites! It’s a catch 22 situation. If I didn’t love food, I wouldn’t consider it my enemy! Am I making any sense here?

4. If you were a bird, what kind of bird would you be?

I think I would be a common sparrow. Keen, observant and always being everywhere.

GRATITUDE SECTION (As Always, Optional)

Feel free to share an image, a thought or a meme about kindness this week!

Look back and be grateful
Look ahead and be hopeful
Look around and be helpful

I think this describes my attitude perfectly.


Thank you Melanie for these interesting questions!



44 thoughts on “Share Your World – August 2, 2021

  1. I don’t think food is an enemy, it’s just a temptation and let’s be honest the old adage everything in moderation holds true. I love peanut butter and I go without other things so I can eat it 😉

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  2. as a literature teacher back then, I adored the poem Sailing Byzantium by William Butler Yeats, and in my years in the academe, I have the chance to indulge in this particular piece, which led me to find out that the present Byzantium is somewhere in Turkey and for that, Turkey is one of my travel destinations’ wish list in terms of history, literature arts and culture. I can feel there is so much in Turkey in terms of the ancient civilizations which I am very fascinated about.

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  3. Thank you Sadje for Sharing Your World! The gratitude meme was fabulous! ❤ I think you'd make a lovely sparrow, and it suits you too, being as modest and humble as you are! It is sad that people can't travel where they wish any longer, but we can hold onto hope that sometime they will actually figure out a solution to Covid or a safety measure that people can use. I loved the food 'enemy' as I have the same one! I had a therapist tell me once that food is the unrecognized 'addiction'…it's necessary to life, so nobody can totally stop. You have made great strides in eating more healthy foods and you exercise, so you're doing very well in my opinion! Have a great week!

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    1. Thank you Melanie for your kind words and encouragement. We are hoping that in few months things would get better so that we can travel. But safety first.
      Food is the enemy we create ourself by giving it more importance than we ought to. If we are for living instead of living too eat, things would be much better. Thanks for very interesting questions this week, as usual


  4. I have to say that “food” took me by surprise. It hadn’t even occurred to me but now that you’ve said it I realize how true that is for me — choosing to eat clean is a struggle every day, and when I fall down on the job my body sure does let me know.

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    1. It was the first thing that v popped into my mind. It’s a life long struggle for me. And sure every digression, and our bodies do make us feel it.


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