Picture Prompt Plate # 4

Dakshali is the host of PPP

This week’s picture of the challenge is given below :-

Picture courtesy : Pinterest

(For virtually handicapped, the picture shows a girl going down stairs in laundry basket. And his brother was enjoying the moment from the brim of stairs)


I wasn’t ready you……you……..!” She couldn’t think of a word that her mom would let her say. And besides, she was so angry that she could hardly talk. At the top of the stairs, George was jubilant. He wanted to do this for ages. Kathy was always so bossy and he wanted to teach her a lesson. He was the big brother after all and knew better.

Just as the basket was nearing the bottom of the stairs, it wavered and turned upside down. George instantly was by his little sister, trying to soothe her and holding her close.

I’m so sorry Kathy, I won’t do it again. Are you alright?”

Mom was also there at that moment. She helped Kathy out of the basket. Luckily, she wasn’t hurt, just dazed. The biking helmet had saved her from any injury that could have resulted.

Before mom could lecture George, he was already apologizing and promising not to such dangerous pranks again.




29 thoughts on “Picture Prompt Plate # 4

  1. Children find many ways to ‘challenge’ each other… But they won’t let others tease their siblings! So much depends on age and birth order too! Fun story with a happy ending!

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