Sunday Poser # 39

Welcome to week 39 of Sunday Poser

It is always handy if one is good at fixing things. my question this week is;

Can you fix stuff?

I love fixing things that are broken or have stopped working. I learned it from my father. I was the only one who could fix a blown fuse or replace an electric plug or even a cord. All three of my brothers were not interested in doing the small maintenance chores around the house.

If an ornament breaks and I find the pieces, I try to glue it together like a jigsaw puzzle. It is very satisfying. I fix the toys my little grandkids break because buying new ones is just a waste. In short, I think of myself as a mechanic and love trying to fix things.

So what about you? Any aptitude for fixing broken things?

Please share your thoughts in the thoughts or if you like, in a post of your own. But do link it to this one so that I can find yours.



61 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 39

  1. Yes, Ma’am. My friends bring all their broken jewelry to me to fix and when I moved to California and a large Mexican terracotta Precolumbian replica figure was broken into six pieces by the moving company, I repaired it. Later, when the claims adjuster came to inspect the shipment and saw my declaration form of other damaged pieces, he asked if anything else was broken. I told him yes, but that I had repaired it. He asked to see it and when I showed him the statue, he told me it was as good a reclamation and repair as any professional would do and he paid me for doing the repair!!! I say that is good service.

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    1. That’s really fantastic Judy. Very impressive that they paid you for the repair. I’d say you have the gift. And you must be very V popular with your friends too. Thanks for sharing


  2. No, I can’t fix anything. I learned to repair a flat tire on a bike first as a child and then at the blindness training center in 2005, but I’m not even confident I can still do that.

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  3. Basically, no. I am scared of trying to fix anything electrical and do not have any idea how to fix a computer or phone. Luckily, I have loads of friends who know how to do these things! Plus, we have a home warranty plan, so we are all set (though the guy who fixed my toilet left the handle all jiggly, which does not make me happy). However, I have fixed plenty of other things, such as broken links on jewelry or things that required gluing & dexterity…

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    1. I wouldn’t fix what requires a plumber now! But I’ve done that when younger. There was a lot of water everywhere. Jewelry needs delicate hands. It’s a cool skill to have. Thanks for sharing Paula

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  4. Hubby and I are a good team…… he does the work, I’m his gopher and make the tea. Seriously though, in the DIY stakes, we work well together. Fixing other things, hm. I’m a good money manager and can fix budgets to suit our purse. I am also a good listener and people will talk to me. I might not be able to fix anything, but speaking aloud of concerns to someone sometimes help get things into perspective.

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  5. Mmmm. As long as electricity is not involved, I will usually give fixing something a go….I’ve learned to leave electricity to experts, or, at least those more knowledgeable. 🤣 There is something quite inspiring about taking something that is broken, and making it whole again. Reminds me of the human experience. Love the question, Sadje.

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    1. You’re so right that it’s inspiring and satisfying to fix something broken. I loved to try to fix broken electrical appliances but not I too leave them to experts. A few shocking moments have happened. 😜


  6. I’m pretty good at fixing things too… fans, plugs, old toys, and sometimes even the pipes. It’s scary but fun. I do this only when I’m sure that I can handle it on my own. Just like you, it’s a trait I descended from my dad.

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  7. I saw my dad fix many broken things growing up… he was a master with a jigsaw puzzle too so I guess it was just his nature. I can do some minor repairs… more so in home than on a car. But I at least can fill my radiator, washer fluid and oil so I am not totally lost around a car.

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