WritePhoto # Feather cloud

KL Caley is the host of WritePhoto

Welcome to the weekly #writephoto prompt!

This week’s prompt is a post with a difference – our JULY guest photo!

Feather Cloud – Image by A Kehas

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a beautiful feathered cloud in the colours of a rainbow. 

A great big thank you to Alethea for agreeing to be the featured photo this month. What a beautiful photo for us. Pop over to her blog at https://aletheakehas.com/ to show her some love!


Hey look at that! Is this even real? Or just an illusion?

“What are you going about Marla?“

“Look at that cloud, it’s a feather cloud, iridescent, colored like a rainbow. I think it’s a sign from the heavens above!”

“Oh wow, you’re right this is something exceptional Marla. I think I should fetch my camera and take a few shots. It maybe worth a few dollars in the market!

“Oh shut up Matt, just enjoy this beautiful sight and forget about making money out of it. I think it’ll bring us good luck on our venture. We should go ahead and invest in the bed’n’ breakfast opportunity, don’t you think so?”

“I hope this is a portend for good luck my dear”




51 thoughts on “WritePhoto # Feather cloud

    1. Thank you so much Shweta! Nowadays, our first reaction on seeing something unusual or amazing is to reach for our cameras and phones and we forget to enjoy the moment.

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  1. Brilliant story Sadje and lovely message too. I can’t remember who but there was a pop star that asked audience members to not take their phones out for his show, he said it was rare in this day and age to have 2 hours of just enjoyment and that he wanted to look into the faces of the audience and not see hundreds of little lights of cameras instead. It’s important to be in the moment. KL ❤

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