Picture Plate Prompt # 3

Dakshali is the host of PPP

Picture Prompt Plate #2

This week’s picture of the challenge is given below :-

Picture courtesy – Pinterest

For virtually handicapped, the picture shows a girl covered with mud (her face,hairs, hands, frock) and holding a muddy puppy.


Linda was an only child. She desperately wanted a little brother or sister. And she had asked her parents many times to get her a sibling, but they were too busy with their careers.

One Christmas Linda got a special present which made up for all the loneliness. A little puppy, all her own. She became very attached to it and they became best friends. She named him Fred.

Linda and Fred were intrepid adventurers. They would play hide and seek in the backyard, jump in rain puddles, and explored all the interesting things in the outdoors.

Mom frequently got upset when both of them turned up dirty and dripping after a full day of adventuring. But daddy always said that it was their right to play in the dirt. One is young only once after all.




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