Reena’s Xploration Challenge- Turning upside down

Reena is the host of Reena’s Xploration Challenge

Welcome back to a sane world!


Xploration Challenge is a real challenge this week, not just a writing prompt. Take your time. It can be more than a week, if needed. I will include it in future weekly wraps.

The challenge is to take a belief, a dream, a philosophy, a religion of yours, and turn it into trash.

Doodle something on a piece of paper, click a picture on your phone and post it here.

Play the Devil’s Advocate. See it from the other end of the bridge. Is there anything that connects you still?

Don’t worry … you will get back to a normal life after that. It is only creativity that matters here.


What rubbish ideals you have!

Outdated and impractical!

Honesty and hard work you tell me are essential???

Not so my dear I tell you, you’re living in a fool’s paradise

Why should I work honestly, when others are devious and dishonest?

Why should I suffer the indignity of poverty, while they wallow in ill-gotten wealth?

I have had enough of walking the straight and the narrow, and have nothing to show for all my years at work.

It’s time that I ditch all my principles and join the devil’s brigade.

I will sell my soul and reap the benefits of sinful living

Why I ask you, should I not enjoy the gains of immorality?

What do you say?




38 thoughts on “Reena’s Xploration Challenge- Turning upside down

    1. I don’t have this debate with myself, but many honest people have this sort of dialogue with their contemporaries or families when they see the system rewarding the dishonest and the corrupt.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I can understand. When honesty becomes a disadvantage and corruption is rewarded, we do think that why are we still treading the path of honesty!


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