5 Things- 5 Things I love about Summer

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5 Things Tuesday — Things You Love About Summer

Longer days

Longer days give me more time to do what I need/ want to do during daytime. The sun sets later and rises earlier. I specially enjoy early morning time.


I like this drink so much. A wonderful, refreshing combination of coconut and pineapple. It’s my favorite cold drink.


There was a time that I wasn’t keen on eating mangoes. Perhaps I found them too sweet. But in last couple of years, my love of mangoes has made a comeback. In Pakistan we have a huge variety of mangoes. And the all are amazing.

Summer break

Summer break from school means that we can plan a trip someplace. Usually it’s up north to the cooler areas of the country. This year we went for a couple of days to a hill resort, Nathiagali. It’s a lovely, lush green place. Lots of little monkeys are also roaming around there.

Cool summery clothes

Our summer is very hot. So we have cool lawn clothes to wear. These are made of lightweight cotton fabric which are usually available in very lively colors.

These are my 5 favorites for summer. What are yours?



67 thoughts on “5 Things- 5 Things I love about Summer

  1. A great list! I especially liked the photo of the monkey, and that there are lots of little ones at the place where you took a trip. My 5 favorites about summer:
    — Peaches (yum!)
    — Vacations with the family
    — My daughters not having school, so they were more relaxed (they graduated this year, so they’re even more relaxed)
    — Lushness of the world (here in Maryland, it gets quite green)
    — Colorful flowers

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  2. Lovely! Hmmm. Mine are fresh melon and blueberries, of course, longer days – love the sun, warmth, as it rains so much here typically, and, a little lul at work, as summer is our slowest time of the year.

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