What do you see # 90 – A Roundup


She is a woman

You can see cracks in her armor

Yet she stares fearlessly into the eyes of the world


She is a WOMAN


Beautiful, fantastic contributions this week from our lovely blogging community. Please click on the links to read their posts.

Michnavs; What if

Chris Hall; Kaleidoscope girl

Nope, not Pam; Appreciation

Mason; Vilified attire

Di; Self portrait

Radhika; Transient fame

Geenha; Eureka

Reena; Wallflower

Jen: Social media date

Susi; Judgement

Jim; Hey ho, let’s go

Jules; Sungaujait Patterns

Eugenia; Famous or infamous

Sangeetha; Last December

Shweta; Outcast

Suzette; Pink

Roshni; The girl remembers

Kritika; Durga

Fandango; The mural

Punam; History

From the window seat; What do you see # 90

Jeff; Haiku # 31

Elle; Love’s visual expression

My gratitude to all of you who read, commented and shared these posts. Thanks 🙏

I will be posting next week’s challenge on Monday at 12:00 pm PKT.




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