Sunday Writing Prompt, July 18/21 – The Quiet One

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This challenge highlights the recluse, the introvert, the one off to the side. The person who seems out of place, keeps to themselves, or pleads the fifth in court. The wife with bruises, the employee who can’t look their boss in the eye, the child who won’t play with others, the one with all the knowledge who is too timid to share their groundbreaking idea.

Today’s Sunday Writing Prompt is: The Quiet One


I was the quiet one once!

I always felt too shy to speak up in class, share my thoughts with others. The fear of making a fool of myself held me back. It was always a bother for me to socialize.

Why was it so? And how I changed?

I think growing up without the guidance a mother can give, I lacked self confidence. I was had opinions but was afraid of being ridiculed so kept them to myself. I remember that when I was in med school, I answered my examiner with a little-known fact about a drug and then said that I may be wrong. He surprisingly told me not to doubt myself and that my information was correct.

This is an example of how things gradually changed for me. I slowly morphed from a shy girl into a confident woman. My age and years have also played an important part in this transformation.

Now I am not hesitant in sharing my views. I also defend my point when challenged. Sometimes, I am told, I talk too much and am too fixed about my views.

I think that it behooves parents and teachers to boost the self-confidence of children from a young age. Giving them that faith in themselves that makes them believe that their ideas and opinions are valid and they shouldn’t fear expressing them.




24 thoughts on “Sunday Writing Prompt, July 18/21 – The Quiet One

  1. I love your story, Sadje. Reminds me of my shyness as a child. Was also sensitive, still am, yet I am grounded in who I am today, and love all aspects of myself. Was not always this way. Have a lovely week!

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    1. Thanks Jeff. Shyness is one trait that we can overcome in time. But sensitivity is not easy to overcome. I think it’s your sensitive nature that makes you feel deeply and write such wonderful poetry. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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      1. Welcome, Sadje. Indeed, and completely agree. There was a time when I wanted to remove my sensitivity, not so today. That is so kind of you to write, my friend. Means the world to me, thank you.

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  2. We let the girls share their thoughts and opinions when they were young. Some of the adults (like my mother) didn’t think it was right for children to speak their minds so freely.
    Children are thinking humans too. As long as they’re respectful, why shouldn’t they be allowed to voice their thoughts?!🌻💕

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  3. Interesting… I relate a lot though my parents both encouraged me to speak my opinions; middle schoolers beat/bullied this confidence out of me. Still in recovery.
    So glad you found yourself and realized your potential 😉♥️. Lovely journey.

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