Writer’s Quotes Wednesday’s Writer’s Challenge # 33 – Exploration

Marsha is the host of WQWWC

This weeks topic is Exploration


There’s a lot to explore in life. Both within and outside. My quote aim to explore both.

So I find words I never thought to speak

In streets I never thought I should revisit

When I left my body on a distant shore.

T.S. Eliot

This is such a beautiful, all-encompassing quote. Unless we step out of our comfort zone, we cannot find the wonders that are scattered around us. It’s here that we learn new thoughts, experience new wonderments, and embrace adventure.

This quote touches on the most important aspect of our material lives. Don’t hoard possession but collect experiences. Spend your money on exploring the world around you.

Simple step outside and explore. You’ll learn new things each time you try to look for them. Nature is not only soothing for our soul but a great teacher too. I, too, learn a new thing every time I go in nature.

Life is an experiment in which you may fail or succeed. Explore more, expect least.

Santosh Kalwar

Exploring what lies inside is equally important in life. Get to know yourself, by focusing on what is inside your heart and mind. I promise you that it is a journey worth taking.

Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can’t begin to explore your possibilities.”

Tim Fargo

Letting go of the harbor and pulling up the anchor, is the way to seek adventure. Leave the insecurities and venture with confidence into the unknown to seek and learn.

If we want to live our lives too their fullest potential, we should explore both the outside world and the one lies inside our minds and souls.



39 thoughts on “Writer’s Quotes Wednesday’s Writer’s Challenge # 33 – Exploration

  1. Beautiful quotes and images. Consumerism has dealt such harsh blows to our planet. Hoarding stuff and the buying of more and more stuff has contributed to global warming and the sad state of the environment today. Worst of all it is not the rich countries that are paying the biggest toll but developing countries harmed by extreme weather, tsunamis, hurricanes, and all the like. Ugh! We need to change this, both as individuals and as nations. I think experiences are wonderful but perhaps explore our own back yard as tourism, with planes flying all over the globe, also adds to the carbon footprint. Okay, sorry for the rant. I am done.

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