Sunday Writing Prompt- The little things

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A little has the ability to go LONG way. A phone call from a friend, checking in on you when you are feeling down. Did you receive that PERFECT Christmas gift? It was only a few packages of red licorice from your Mom, but she knows you are a movie buff, and red licorice is your favorite movie treat. The person in line before you paid for your latte, which you paid forward to the customer behind you. Someone letting you in a long line of traffic, or sacrificing that rock star parking spot. “I threw in that load of laundry”, “I saw this beautiful succulent and bought it for you to add to your collection”, “I took the afternoon off so you can have a break from the kids”, “I’ll cook tonight”.

Today’s Sunday Writing Prompt is: The Little Things


Small actions, thoughtful little signs

Shout loudly that someone gives a damn about you

Showing that they care and want to be there for you

Have bigger impact than grand gestures

Which stroke their own ego rather than the recipient

A single rose, a thoughtful note are all that can make someone’s day




50 thoughts on “Sunday Writing Prompt- The little things

  1. Those little things often have the largest impact. A simply smile from a stranger on the bus, a comment have a good day, a door held open etc etc can do influence a persons day. Wonderful take, Sadje.

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