Fandango Story Starter # 2

Fandango is the host Fandango Story Starter

This week’s teaser is:

To be clear, what you’re saying is that…


To be clear, What you’re saying is that…..”Josh just couldn’t go ahead with it. It was appalling. They were telling him that they had made such an important decision on his behalf and he was just being told about it.

His dad put a reassuring hand on his shoulder and gave a slight squeeze. “Don’t worry champ, it’s all under control. If you don’t like it, we can look at other options. But you must promise us to at least give it a try!”

But dad… mom… I want to make my own choices! I am thirteen, not a baby anymore. I want to go to the school all my friends are going to. Why this private school?” he stopped, tears glistening in his eyes. But he wouldn’t cry, he was a big boy!

Mom came and sat beside him on the couch. “You’re such a brilliant student Josh that your teachers have suggested that going to this school will help you with advanced learning and courses. They feel that you can become an extraordinary pupil there. We are doing what we think is best for you”

Taking a look at his son’s miserable face, Peter turned towards his wife and said, “you’re right Josh, we should have consulted you before making this decision. We will leave the final decision to you. Choose your future school. You’re old enough to do it”

He was happy to see a smile on Josh’s face.




35 thoughts on “Fandango Story Starter # 2

  1. Sometimes parents do know what’s best for their children, but not letting them in on the decision is what hurts the worst. Even if the parents overrule the child, and least they had their say. That’s the beautiful part about this. The father eventually realized it.

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  2. I can see where this could make a big rift in the family, especially when the parents have already talked it over and made a decision then all of a sudden dad changes it. It’s a realistic scenario though!

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        1. Yes, that’s what parents do, or think what they are doing. I never questioned the decisions of my father but my kids are different. And their kids are even more so.

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  3. I wish more adults would trust that kids were capable of making some of their own choices as a teen. Of course that is only if they have been given the tools to making that decision by raising them “right”.

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