Rory Asks; When……

Rory asked a profound question a couple of days back;

He said; When does it all start to really matter? Now l ask you the same question and allow you to interpret as you so wish – am l referring to happiness, wasting time, family, relationships, buying a house, having kids, fulfilling dreams, having the dream job, taking the right holiday or vacation, allowing life to pass by, not achieving anything or simply what really matters in life and how do you prioritise your focus?

So, l ask you all …

When does it all start to really matter?


I think it really starts to matter when we understand the meaning and purpose of our life. For me, this came early. I was a thinker even in my childhood and my circumstances made me ponder on the meaning of life more than the average teenager.

I wanted to know why certain things happen to some people and not others? Why people are not kind and considerate to those who are innocent and defenseless? Why fate maneuvered my life in ways that were incomprehensible for me?

The answers gave me an inkling into the purpose of my life. From that point I started to make decisions that gave meaning to my actions. I don’t mean to tell you that I was very good or wise since those early days but it helped my straighten up my thoughts and guided my actions.

With time and age I have found that this gave me a foundation upon which I’ve built my life. I think my every action matters and nothing is without purpose in life. And yes, I believe everything happens for a reason. Whatever has happened in the past, it has shaped my character and have laid a foundation for my present and future.

So coming back to my original answer, I would say that it starts to matter when we start to understand the meaning of our lives.




32 thoughts on “Rory Asks; When……

  1. It all really starts to matter when you figure out the purpose and goal of living, what you want to achieve, why you want to get to a certain point and it all starts to matter when you sense circumstances you’re befallen with, the urge to drag oneself out from those phases lays foundation to set goals, the chase to those dreams and notions makes it all really important and that’s when things really start to matter.

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  2. nterestingly answered Sadje, l think Marla summed it all up pretty well also.

    I think it matters when we want it to matter – l feel the same way about people many a time.

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  3. Whole I don’t share your religion, I do share your sense of faith/spirituality.
    It took me quite a bit longer than my teens to find (or build?) the ideas that work for me.
    It really *does* help to have a strong foundation… whatever works for each person😉

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  4. Love the answer, Sadje, super wise. This here, “I think my every action matters and nothing is without purpose in life. And yes, I believe everything happens for a reason.” Exactly so, my dear friend, I completely agree.

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  5. I think I might disagree slightly here. I think it always matters, it’s whether we recognise the fact which is in question. It’s a bit like that tree falling when no one is near to notice. It still matters regardless

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  6. When does it all start to matter? Big question. To me it comes in stages as we grow. As we mature varied things seem to matter. When we are younger it is the accumulation of things needed to survive like furniture, a place to live, cars. As we age and we obtain those things we shift into a new paradigm. We may focus on a relationship with a loved one or raising our children. In that stage of life things that matter are more about being a good mother, spouse, or loved one. Work engulfs our lives as we work to obtain all the needs of our loved ones and for self. As life changes and careers end and children leave the nest our focus shifts once again. What matters then becomes deeper in meaning. Perhaps we dive into our spirituality or faith. Perhaps we care for elderly loved ones and focus on their needs. What matters to us changes as we grow and mature. I think that each of us depending on what stage of life we are in will have varied answers. God bless.


    1. Yes, Pamela it keeps on changing all through our lives. I like how you’ve divided life into stages and laid emphasis on each stage’s needs. Thanks for sharing your thoughts


  7. For me family and friends have become doubly as important since I have got a chronic illness. It has made me more aware of how important everyday is and live it to your fullest.

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