Blogging Insights – Editing

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Do you edit your work before posting it?

I check for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and other typos when I proofread my post. Sometimes a few words are deleted or added to make the meaning of my writing clear.

Apart from correcting typos and spellings , how much (if any) of a post do you change before you send it out in the world?

No much is changed if I am going to publish the post immediately or pre-schedule it. But I do make sure that it reads well before I present it to my audience. Still, sometimes errors slip in the published post and some of my sincere friends point them out to me so that I can correct them.

If I am going to publish a post that has been lying in the draft folder for sometimes, ( there are posts that I started 2-3 years ago in my draft folder), I definitely edit them to be relevant in today’s environment.

Do you think that re-drafting a piece can “rob” it of its spontaneity?

I don’t think so. The first draft may not be that clear or eloquent. It may not be fitting the thoughts in my head exactly and edit or re-phrasing can improve the overall effect of the post, then I would do it. As for the spontaneity being spoiled, I think the post should convey a clear meaning than be spontaneous.

24 thoughts on “Blogging Insights – Editing

  1. I always edit as I go along. I know they say not to do that, but it is how it works for me. Once in a while I find a mistake afterwards and fix it, but most mistakes are corrected while writing the first draft.

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  2. I always check for typos or autocorrect trying to change my made-up words to “real” words. I also try to make sure it makes sense, and may change a sentence, or a few words, but mistakes slip by🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

    Isn’t strange how we can see typos or mistakes in other people’s writing more than our own? Or is that just me?😲🙊😂

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  3. Totally agree, Sadje. I always check my posts a couple of times prior to publishing. Sometimes, there’s more work to do on the post, or insight comes for a post…thanks for sharing, my friend.

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