Sunday Poser # 36

Welcome to week # 36 of Sunday Poser

This week my question deals with our self esteem;

Do you appreciate yourself, your good qualities, your successes and your positive abilities?

These are a bunch of questions rolled into one. But seriously, it amounts to the same thing; Do you appreciate yourself.

I have recently learned to appreciate my, my efforts and abilities. It is good to say to myself that, “ you’ve done well”. It increases my self-esteem and gives a boost to my morale.

Perhaps our generation was taught to be humble and self-effacing so I have seen many of my contemporaries and friends not acknowledging their own good effort. But why should we not?

Most women I know are remarkable multi-taskers, they handle a lot more than their male counterparts and yet don’t give themselves enough credit.

As I have learned to acknowledge my contributions towards my family I am happier for it.

So what about you?

Do you appreciate yourself?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or in a separate post.

Thanks for visiting and reading!



71 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 36

  1. “Do you appreciate yourself, your good qualities, your successes and your positive abilities?”

    I am learning to. However, i could still never answer those stupid questions, “please tell us your name and a little about yourself.” I always have to fight the urge to just say, “I’m me. What more do you need to know?” 🤣😂

    But overall, I’m learning this. I am still flooded with thoughts of my failures, but for the first time in my life there are minor little rays of what I’ve done right. For example, I graduated (a long time ago now) from college with honors. I always brushed it off because it wasn’t as hard for me to do as it should have been. It wasn’t truly a challenge. However, I’ve always had a soft spot for a professor that pushed me to do better, be better, work harder. I was able to compartmentalize. The degree was a “whatever” but that class was amazing because of the challenge. it wasn’t until recently I was able to acknowledge that the class I loved so much (and took that professor for four more classes because I loved the challenge of being in her class) was part of that degree. So I did work for that degree, and I worked harder than I ever did in my life because of her. So yeah, now I’m starting to be proud of it. I had the opportunity to go to college and I did well, but I was so loathe to be proud of myself, that I actually spent years ignoring an accomplishment many do not have the opportunity for, and an experience I would otherwise not trade. Funny how the mind works

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    1. I can understand this. But I’m glad you’re starting to appreciate your accomplishments. It is a wonderful achievement to graduate from college. Be proud of yourself. Thanks for sharing this Marla

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      1. like I said, I am learning. Even the bad is an accomplishment. It’s hard to see sometimes, but it’s the truth. I’m learning it and I wish that same education could extend to all women who put themselves down for no discernible reason other than it’s in their head.

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          1. YES! Did you ever see “Pretty Woman?” There’s a scene where she gets slapped and she asks if they pull guys aside in school to teach them how to hit so that your eyeballs feel like they’re going to pop out of your head, and he replies that not everyone hits.

            It’s very much the same thing. Women are taught on so many levels to not have the self esteem that we need to get on, whether it’s to be subservient to man, that men don’t like women who stand up for themselves, or even the cruel names that are used for powerful women. However, not all women are this way, not all women feel the need to hide their strength. And from those women we can learn the most.

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            1. Indeed, we all need to stand up for ourselves. And I admire the strong woman I see around me. Unfortunately, most of them are in the fictional world rather than real world. It is time to change our mindset. Thanks Marl for these in-depth insights

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  2. It depends. Some days I’m happy with myself ~ like yesterday at lunch when I sounded smart and funny. Other days I make a bunch of mistakes and get down on myself. I’m always beating myself up mentally for not exercising enough. But I also am happy with the fact that I’m generally organized and productive, kind and honest, and do what needs to be done. So it’s a mixed bag for this old bag, lol

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    1. I think most of us are a mixed bag but we should try to be more supportive of ourselves. By the answers I’m reading, women are less supportive/ appreciative of themselves than men. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Paula

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  3. I think you’re right about our generation, and those before us too. Acknowledging our accomplishments feels like bragging. Hopefully we’ve all done better with our daughters🤞

    I *Do* appreciate myself. I don’t have problems acknowledging my accomplishments to myself, but I still cringe at times when I talk or write about them to others. There’s a little voice that says “Quit bragging!”

    Great question, Sadje!

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    1. Yes, our generation and specially women. Men have better self esteem than women. I’m glad you do appreciate yourself. You are a wonderful person, mom and excellent gramma! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Angie

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  4. A great question, Sadje. I did not appreciate myself for a very long time. Funnily enough, I always thought I did appreciate myself, yet was confused about what that really meant/means. Today, I am proud to write, that I do genuinely appreciate myself, all aspects of myself. Thanks for the prompt, my friend.

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    1. Thanks Jeff. Yes, it’s not something that we think about often. But it’s very essential to our self esteem and mental well-being. I’m glad the you have finally recognized your true worth.

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  5. Do I appreciate myself I would have to say no. I am working on this though, I have a really hard time with my self confidence and appreciating myself goes along with that.

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  6. It is something I find very hard to do. But I am working on it. I have spent a majority of my life taking care of others at all cost and I always came last… but I am learning it is really ok to be first on occasion.

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  7. ‘ The man is a social animal ‘ , held Aristotle . Family is the herd of Live & Conciousness animals where man resides . And the entire world is our family . Our ancient scriptures say , ‘VASHUDHAVAH KUTUMBKAM’ meaning by the entire world is our relatives/family . So not only bloggers , Mam ! But all the Concious & Non-Concious creatures of this world are our family members . It appears to be little odd . But facts revolves around this . The civilizations which have denied this fact , have been destroyed . Because the crux of existence of the hunan civilization lies in the balance between the Concious and non-concios creatures as such . So , our family is big . Only realization of this fact is required. Your short and simple blog has touched our hearts in real sense . We all have forgotten this fact . Thanks for arousing us for this basic facts of our human lives . Thanks a lot .

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